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OMI-NBE work in the field of engineering and technologies for the production and charge of different type of batteries (AUTOMOTIVE, INDUSTRIAL, FLOODED or AGM & VRLA), proposing partial or complete solutions, which satisfy the customer’s request drawing to a consolidated and innovative know-how.

From the smallest equipment to a complete project for a new plant for the battery charging, we are able to study and supply to you with the best solution for your requirements thanks to our technical knowledge and experience, following your indications if you have any preference about the process, or giving you different choices based on our wide offer.

We can take care of your batteries coming from the assembly, starting from the acid and water preparation, forming them with our water cooling systems or with the acid recirculation formation system, test and prepare your high quality batteries for the shipment to your final client and user.

Our solutions for the battery business:

  • ACID RECIRCULATION FORMATION, fast formation for all your flooded batteries, plus many more advantages thanks to the integrated processes, and up to 20% saving on energy consumption.
  • ADVANCED WATER BATH FORMATION, with batteries handling through free rollers, motorized conveyor belts, or with our exclusive TRAY SYSTEM, from fully automatic system to manual system.
  • FILLING PROCESS FOR FLOODED & AGM BATTERIES: Filing, levelling or recirculatio stations, for car and truck batteries, for industrial cells, and for AGM & VRLA batteries.
  • FINISHING & DISPATCHING EQUIPMENT: dumping stations, washing and drying tunnel, poles brushing, HRD and dielectric test stations, and many more.
  • ACID PREPARATION, STORAGE AND RECOVERY: automatic and flexible system, with continuous or batch preparation, based on your preference.
  • ANTI-POLLUTION EQUIPMENT, The best solution for the aspiration and treatment of air and fumes released in your battery manufacturing plant. We manufacture scrubbers for acid fumes, for dry powders, and aspiration ducts designed for the customer specific requirements.