Acid Recirculation Formation

industrial batteries

The OMI ACID RECIRCULATION FORMATION PROCESS is the solution for the formation of Flooded Automotive and Industrial batteries.The OMI PROCESS permits to maintain the correct temperature all over the plates inside the batteries, highly reducing the cycle time and increasing the quality of the formation process. As well as the advantages of the OMI PROCESS, our equipment is designed and developed to become one stand-alone and full system.

The equipment using this process include other different processes integrated on board:

  • – Acid preparation, storage, filtration and cooling for two different densities (set on the PC)
  • – Scrubber for the fumes aspiration and treatment
  • – Initial Filling and Final levelling of the cells made during the cycle
  • – Rectifiers management and control, from the formation programs to the alarms.

All those integrated processes permit to have:

  • – A better control of the system (only one station to control everything)
  • – No waste in the process (no waste of acid or water)
  • – An easy installation (just 5 days to start the production)
  • – Easy maintenance (also with vpn control)
  • – Increased quality with decreased times
  • – Energy consumption saving (more than 15%)


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